Strategic Workshops, Business Coaching and Skills Development 

At Entrepreneur Mindset we offer Strategic Workshops, Business Coaching and Skills Development Programmes for entrepreneurs and small business owners - tailored to the needs of each individual business.

Talk to us about your exact needs and we will design the workshop, coaching or training solution that will take your business to the next level

Strategic Diagnostic Workshops

We analyse your business strategy, business model and customer journey. We will ensure you are playing where you are most likely to win and focusing on what matters most when it comes to winning new customers.

We help you cultivate the entrepreneur’s mindset and develop the business strategy needed to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. We explore whether there are any fundamental constraints or barriers that need fixing to unleash the growth of your business .

We conclude the strategic workshop process by preparing a strategic plan that provides a focus for accelerating your business success. Throughout, we use our experience of founding and building a business and our 25 years of expertise in providing business consultancy for big corporates.

We offer half day and full day face-to-face workshop sessions that we can tailor to your budget

To start a conversation about how we can plan a workshop for you please contact [email protected] 

Business coaching on live business challenges

We work alongside you on priority business challenges that you have identified. This could be re-energising your marketing communications, improving your customer service processes or enhancing team productivity and performance. You decide the focus.
Our coaching works at three levels:
- You get hands-on support from an experienced consultant to help you tackle specific challenges.
- You are coached personally to help build your confidence and capabilities going forward - as your business grows you will have the mindset and skills needed to effortlessly tackle future challenges.
- We provide templates, toolkits and business frameworks that you can deploy in the future to give your business that professional and winning edge.

We tailor a bespoke business coaching programme that suits your schedule and budget.

 Please contact [email protected] to set up a call to discuss how we can best meet your needs.

Team skills development & high performance training

 We offer live and online training programmes to build key skills in marketing communications, the delivery of outstanding customer experiences and the cultivation of high performance best practice within your business.
 Our training programmes include our online self-paced Entrepreneurs Mindset: Breakthrough as an Entrepreneur.

Tell us your exact needs and we'll design the skills training solution you need.

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