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The Power of Mindset 


Get your MINDSET right and success will follow.

The way you THINK is the key to building your business.

With an entrepreneur’s mindset you will enjoy being in CONTROL.

Secure your financial FREEDOM and be recognised for the VALUE you contribute.

David VL Smith

Let my experience of creating, building and selling my business help to build the success of yours.

I started as a sole trader and ended up running a global organisation with offices in the UK, USA and Asia. 

My experience of working with global corporates and small businesses has helped me pinpoint what’s needed for entrepreneurial success.

I’m an experienced trainer, author and Business School Professor with a PhD in Organisational Psychology.

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David Smith


Breakthrough as an Entrepreneur

It’s time to reframe for greater freedom, security and recognition.

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Now you can continue your entrepreneurial journey with our online programme:  The Entrepreneur Mindset - Breakthrough as an Entrepreneur.

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Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit

We help transform how you think about your business to maximise your potential.

Working for yourself and running a small business can be an emotional rollercoaster!

The good news is that, by developing the entrepreneur’s mindset, you can cultivate the success habits of winning entrepreneurs.

Open the door to success

At The Entrepreneur Mindset we have designed online training and coaching programmes for those who work for themselves. We help you:

- Build an inspirational Vision of what you want to achieve
- Cultivate a resilient Mindset - cope with the entrepreneurial life
- Take massive Action - get in the game and learn as you go
- Master Marketing - securing strategic competitive advantage
- Be Customer centric - see things through the eyes of the customer
- Build you own authentic Brand - create a compelling brand message
- Be a High Performer - always show up with your A Game 

We are dedicated to supporting those who are: Self-employed, Small business owners, Freelancers, Contract workers, Business consultants, Franchisees - those aspiring to become entrepreneurs.

Those in corporate life who are considering going it alone will also benefit from our online programmes.

Your business success is important to us

Cultivating the entrepreneur's mindset, building your confidence and helping you take action is important to us.

We enjoy helping entrepreneurs realise their full potential. We know what it's like to start up and build a business.

We are totally committed to sharing our knowledge and helping you make a success of your business. 

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