Don’t let the crazy-makers run your day

Don't let crazy-makers - those energy and time robbers - stop you from achieving your goals.

Julia Cameron in her classic book ‘The Artist’s Way’ talks about the importance of finding creative space for writing.

She refers to the importance of ensuring crazy-makers do not rob you of the time and energy you need to write ‘your pages’ each day.

There’s a lesson here for entrepreneurs and business owners. It’s easy to start the day on auto pilot by slavishly checking your emails. But in this way, you let other people drive your agenda for the day.

In contrast, successful entrepreneurs make sure they don’t let the crazy-makers run the show. They screen out distraction by psychologically putting a bell jar around themselves to create maximum focus.

They will create a 90 minute block of time each day to focus on what matters most for their business rather than running around in ever decreasing circles just being busy.

Interestingly, when Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were independently asked what was the most important factor in their success, they both said it was their ability to ruthlessly focus on what matters most.

So, it is important to start each day by focusing on the big rocks - those things that if not attended to will stand in the way of you achieving your goals.

Later you can focus on the medium-sized rocks - those things that add value to your business and then fill in with the small pebbles – all the little things you need to do when running a business.

This is of course common sense - but not always common practice!

So, you need to have a system in place for protecting your time - such as physically blocking out in your calendar the first 90 minutes of the day – or whatever works for you.

It's all about focusing on what matters most to your business.

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