Entrepreneur Mindset

Breakthrough as an Entrepreneur 

Programme Curriculum   

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The Programme includes:

  • Introduction plus seven units
  • Each unit has a full video presentation by David Smith
  • Plus an audio-only version
  • Downloadable slides
  • Each unit covers three important topics
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Summaries
  • Next Steps

Programme breakdown


Welcome to the programme

Unit One: Vision - Clarify your vision                      

Set your direction                        

Set yourself goals            

Act with focus and purpose                     

Unit Two: Mindset - Strengthen your mindset        

Believe in yourself                       

Build a resilient mindset             

Get into abundance mode                        

Unit Three: Action - Take inspired action  

Commit to massive action                  

Boost your energy                        

Be super productive                    

Unit Four: Marketing - Master strategic marketing  

Position & differentiate                

Value based pricing                     

Provide creative edge                 

Unit Five: Customer - Be customer focused                      

Prioritise success drivers             

Be customer centric                      

Simple customer solutions          

Unit Six: Brand - Build your brand               

Brand presence    

Showcase your strengths             

Futureproof your brand                

Unit Seven:  High Performance - Cultivate high performance  

Sharpen your thinking                 

Master winning ways                     

Cultivate entrepreneurial success habits     

Cultivate the high-performance habits of the successful entrepreneur

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