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Breakthrough as an Entrepreneur

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Cultivate the entrepreneur’s mindset – acquire the self-belief, confidence and knowledge you need to build a successful business.

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It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur

The deck has been reshuffled and we have a new economy. So it’s time to get control of how you will earn a living in the future.

It’s all about cultivating the entrepreneur’s mindset

The way you think will build your business success. Enjoy being in control, securing financial freedom and unleashing your creativity.


Breakthrough as an Entrepreneur

The Units


Clarify your



Strengthen your



Take inspired



Master strategic marketing


Be customer



Build your



Cultivate high performance

The Entrepreneur Mindset:

Breakthrough as an Entrepreneur

By developing the entrepreneur’s mindset over the Seven Units of our programme, we will set you on your way to entrepreneurial success.

Vision: Begin with an inspirational vision for your business
Mindset: Build the mental strength, resilience and tenacity to succeed
Action: Learn to take action and make things happen
Marketing: Know how to secure a strategic competitive advantage
Customer: Creatively exceed your customers’ expectations – understand their world
Brand: Start to think of yourself as a brand – with a great brand message
High performance: Consistently show up like no-one else

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Client Testimonials

Head of Customer Strategy, Finance

With a rare combination of first-class technical skills and the consultative mindset to respond to major strategic questions being asked. . . David Smith really delivered - adding clarity and driving actionable decisions that are transforming our business into a truly customer-centric organisation.

Training Workshop

Great! Lots to learn and done in a fun way. . . very inspiring presenter and presentation. . . Interesting tools and techniques. . . Very engaging. Very practical. . . Very useful content delivered well. Excellent. . . Learned new stuff. Inspiring . . . Really interesting session… Excellent presentation and tips given by a charismatic presenter.

University Professor

I have rarely come across a professional who stands out like David. It has been a real pleasure to have worked with David, collaborating on multiple initiatives, consistently over the past ten years. No matter what the level of the training and personal development "ask", David made sure everyone left the room with some powerful learning insights. 

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As someone who has founded a small business, our instructor David Smith can help you remove any worries you may have about working for yourself. Let his experience of creating, building and selling his business help to build the success of yours.

David started as a sole trader and ended up running a global organisation with offices in the UK, USA and Asia. His experience of working with global corporates and small businesses has enabled him to pinpoint exactly what’s needed for entrepreneurial success.

David is an experienced trainer, author and Business School Professor with a PhD in Organisational Psychology.

Throughout the programme, David shares his knowledge of entrepreneurial best practice – and puts this into an easy to follow form.

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Lift off for entrepreneurial success

This programme has been designed for freelancers; contract workers; business consultants; small business owners, franchisees and those aspiring to be successful entrepreneurs.

Our programme will give you the knowledge and confidence needed to make a success of your entrepreneurial venture.
… We’ll take you to the next level.

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In each unit we cover the key principles needed to master each topic. Each unit is full of step-by-step guidance and practical advice and includes a training video, a downloadable audio version and a printable PDF.

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