Why you need a Brand Message to succeed


 A lot of small businesses fail because they are so busy rushing around organising their own internal systems and processes that they don’t stop to create a single easy to understand, memorable brand message. This is often a fatal mistake.

Having a brand message is vitally important. Your brand is at the heart of what your business is all about. It is via your brand that you will be known and remembered.

The brand is a reflection of your own personality. The brand is a statement of the way people will engage with you at an emotional level. It makes a statement about your market position and what is differentiating about what you are doing. It makes promises about what it is you stand for and are all about. In short, having a clear brand message is a vital start point for business success.

The importance of having a clear brand message is often highlighted on the TV show Dragon’s Den. The Dragons are always impressed when an entrepreneur has nailed down their brand message. It is this concise, compelling statement that convinces the Dragons that the person has thought through their business and marketing strategy.

In contrast, if the person pitching claims they don’t need to have a brand message, or comes out with a vague, confused attempt at a brand message, or worse still claims that what they do is so complicated that it is not possible to pin down it into one short sentence, then we know that failure is not far away.

So, you need a brand message and the good news is that The Entrepreneur Mindset has lots of tips to help you with this.

In our online programme - Entrepreneur Mindset: Breakthrough as an Entrepreneur - we offer a clear-cut simple process to fashioning a brand message that will be at the heart of your business success.

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