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Our free guide will help you cultivate the mindset needed to break free of the 9-5 and take back control of your future. 


21 Steps to
Entrepreneurial Success

Take the first steps in maximising your entrepreneurial potential 

Cultivate the entrepreneur's mindset 

Have you got a great business idea but need some help getting it off the ground, or is your new business not expanding at the rate you hoped? We believe it's all down to developing the right mindset. 

We understand what it’s like to begin and build up a small business. We are passionate about helping aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners build the entrepreneur’s mindset. 

We have created our Guide - 21 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success – to help you maximise your potential and build the habits of the successful entrepreneur.

David VL Smith

I’m David Smith. I hope you find my 21 Steps in this guide helpful.

I have helped many small business owners and entrepreneurs step up to the next level in cultivating the entrepreneur’s mindset.

The advice and support I provide is based on having set up and run my own successful small business, which we eventually sold on to a larger organisation.

In addition, I’m an experienced educator and trainer. I am a Visiting Professor at a University Business School and the author of several books on business. My PhD is in Organisational Psychology and I am a Certified Management Consultant.

You can get in touch anytime [email protected]

21 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success

In our Free Guide, we have 21 Steps to help you develop the entrepreneur's mindset.

The 21 Steps cover these themes...

Vision: Think big - set your direction of travel

Mindset: Build mental strength 

Action: Make things happen

Marketing: Know where to play and how to win

Customer: Creatively exceed expectations

Brand: Be authentic and think showtime

High performance: Show up like no-one else

21 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success

Start to build your business and cultivate the high-performance habits of the successful entrepreneur

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New Founder & CEO, Health Technology Sector

"As a new entrepreneur I found 21 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success very helpful. This clear and concise guidance provides the key building blocks to help me manage my entrepreneurial journey effectively. I would highly recommend this guide to others starting out like me on this journey."

Owner of two small businesses - Building sector and e-commerce

"We run two small businesses. One is in the building sector and the other trading via Amazon. We are always looking to improve our entrepreneurial capability. We have found the 21 Steps guide invaluable. In particular the advice on remaining resilient and tenacious in achieving our goals has been really helpful."